Topeka Housing Inventory Shortage Continues!

In the 20+ years I have been in the real estate industry here in Topeka, I have never seen our housing inventory as low as it is right now!

In the Topeka area there are currently only 94 single family homes for sale on our MLS as of today!

I thought I’d give you a quick break down of homes available by school district…

Highland Park – 19 homes available

Seaman – 9 homes available

Shawnee Heights – 12 homes available

Topeka High – 14 homes available

Topeka West – 15 homes available

Washburn Rural – 25 homes available

If you are a buyer looking for a home, you have seen how quickly homes are flying off the market.  One day it pops up and by the time you call to see it, either it has already sold or multiple offers have been written and you have to make a quick decision.  You may have even lost out to other buyers who were willing to pay well above asking price. 

If you are relying on Zillow, Realtor.com or any of the other online portals to find your new home, you may find that they aren’t always accurate and sometimes slow to notify you of the best listings.  If you are tired of missing out on the best homes, connect with us and ask us about our tool that will notify you of the newest listings within minutes of them hitting the MLS.  We are also aware of homes that haven’t yet hit the market, if we know what you are looking for, we may be able to connect you with a home not yet on the market or not displaying on the online portals!  Connect with one of our agents to get access to this great tool!  (785) 256-0570

If you are a seller considering putting your home on the market, now is a great time!  With interest rates below 3% a flood of buyers are looking to take advantage of this almost free money and want to buy!  As you can see from the numbers above, there just are not enough homes for them to choose from.   

With many sellers receiving multiple offers and the buyers driving the prices up during the competition, values have significantly increased in the past few months.  We have found that if a seller is looking for a quick sale with buyers competing for your home, you must price your home correctly or it will just sit on the market.  You may get a few showings, but it is easy to tell when a home is over priced in this market.  If you don’t have an offer in 7 days or less, the price must be adjusted.  

If you would like to find out how the market has impacted your homes value, click here!

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