Sell Your Home...

Saving you headaches, time, and money!

What's Important?

When selling your home, we know that the two most important factors in getting your home sold are typically meeting your moving timeline and maximizing your profit. Our experience can help you achieve both!

With over 300 agents in the area, home sellers are faced with a dilemma when deciding with whom to list.  On one side of the equation is a real estate agent with a large inventory of homes to sell.  This inventory generates many buying prospects!  Yet it is a big challenge for those agents to give the personal attention that each one of them deserves.  Conversely, an agent who has very little business has even greater challenges.  Often these agents are part-time or do not commit full attention to their real estate career.  Their lack of experience and success in the marketplace can cost you immeasurably!

With Team Ringgold you will find our custom 50+ point marketing plan put us ahead of our competition. From professional photos, our strong social media marketing plan, and our daily prospecting calls made specifically looking for a buyer for your home, Team Ringgold does so much more than stick a sign in the yard, add your home to the MLS and pray another agent brings us a buyer. We HUNT for one!


Seller's Information Guide

We have put together a free guide that will show you who we are and highlight key features of our listing program.
This will act as your roadmap to listing and selling your home!

Our Commitment To You

Accurate Evaluation

The correct selling price of a home is the highest price that the market will bear.  To assist you in determining the correct asking price we provide you with a computerized comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties sold and offered for sale in your neighborhood. We DON’T pull numbers out of the air, we educate and inform you of a true market value.

Professional Advice

We will advise you of any necessary repairs and how you may best prepare your home for showing.  You will be kept up-to-date on the ever changing state of the market, the sale of similar properties and any other factors which may affect the progress of the sale.

Promotion of your home to other REALTORS®

The major selling points of your home will be distributed to other real estate firms throughout the community.


The highly respected Keller Williams One Legacy Partners yard sign advertises your property 24 hours a day

Identify Purchasers

We will use our advanced computer database to identify people who have been looking for homes in your neighborhood.  They will be contacted and given the details of your property.

Open Houses

If appropriate, open houses will be arranged and held on a regular basis.


We will advertise your home in appropriate publications and communicate our results to you.

Progress Report

Every step in the sales effort will be documented.  Our progress report will keep you up to date.

We’d love to schedule a time to share the details of our 50+ point marketing plan in person or via a Zoom call and show you what sets us apart and how our plan will help us generate the buyer for your home.