Never trust and agent who loves HGTV!

New real estate agents come and go.  I’ve been in the business long enough to see many people get a real estate license because they love watching HGTV and think real estate is about showing three houses and collecting a paycheck.  I assure you, IT’S NOT THAT EASY!

Once they get their license, they realize the truth about the business…

Finding buyers and sellers to work with is hard! Sometimes it takes hours and days on the phone and internet, searching and talking to everyone you know just to find one person who wants or needs to sell, but may or may not be in a hurry to do so.

The real estate exam does not teach you how to find clients, how to write a contract, or how to get to a successful closing!  It simply teaches you the required ethics we must follow and state and national real estate laws and terminology as a guide to keep us out of trouble.

There is a lot of paperwork! In our area, when listing a home, we have 10 documents that must be completed.  I have to know those documents like the back of my hand to explain all the contracts and details to the client so they know exactly what they are signing.

When working with a buyer, it’s a few less documents, but this includes an eight page contract that legally binds them to one particular house and commits them to spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on their new home.  We must be sure they know exactly what they are signing.  It’s not as simple as filling in a few blanks on a form. 

Most sales have challenges! Oh my, the stories we could tell.  Costly inspection issues, flakey buyers, demanding sellers, job losses before closing, insurance issues, back taxes, judgements and liens, and the list goes on!

There is no guaranteed paycheck! No matter how much time and effort we put in everyday looking for clients or working on getting a transaction to closing, we don’t get paid UNLESS and UNTIL we reach that closing date, the paperwork is signed, and the buyer’s money is in the bank!  BTW, there is no company 401K, we pay all of our own advertising and expenses, plus we have to save a chunk out of every paycheck to pay taxes! 

Like I said before, real estate is hard! 

Before putting what may be your biggest asset in the hands of a friend who just got their license, think hard about their knowledge and longevity in the business.  More than half the people get their license and quit to find “a real job” within 4 months of starting in real estate, because this career is not easy.

With over 25 years combined experience, we have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals!

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