Pictures Sell Your House!

92% of home buyers use the internet as part of their home search. You may be using the internet to market your home through a couple different websites. Listing photos are a critical factor in determining the selling price of a home, how quickly it will sell and sometimes whether it sells at all. One of the most important factors in selling a home are GREAT photos. 

First impressions are essential with home buyers. If they aren’t sold on the photos they see online, chances are they will keep clicking and move on without even giving you a call to set up a showing. It can definitely influence their perception of a home prior to seeing it. Taking photos with a phone can be sufficient, but with a top of the line camera and a little photoshop enhancement to make sure they are perfect will make a buyer stop and take a second look!

I Am Not Like Other Agents

I am sure you have gotten a TON of calls from other well-intentioned agents, reading high-pressure sales scripts and listing off how many houses they have sold in order to woo you into listing your home. Or even promising they “might have a buyer” and want to “get out to preview your home. I am not like those agents.

I want to give you free professional photographs to market your home in the best light possible. You could hire a photographer to take pictures for a couple hundred dollars but I have the tools and software to do it for free. 

What's The Catch?

No catch, no gimmicks! 

As a professional real estate agent I am always looking out for the best interest in home owners. You are selling your home yourself so you can save that commission dollar and keep as much of the equity you have built up in your home and I completely understand and support that. 

I am offering this free service so that in the future if you know someone thinking about selling their home with an agent or if you know someone looking to buy a home that I would be the first agent you think of. Referrals are the heart of my business and I believe trading photos that could sell your home for a referral down the road is a win-win scenario. 

Ultimately, I’d like to earn your business if you decide to list your home with a professional. Real estate agents are only paid for results – we’re independent contractors who are compensated for our work at the closing table. I would hate for you to get stuck with an agent that takes pictures with their phone. After seeing my photos I would hope you see the value that I bring to the table.

What Else Should I Know

By virtue of being on my page you know I’m also a Realtor. Does this mean you’ll get a long sales pitch? Not a chance. 

 Wouldn’t you rather have data-supported recommendations and solid, hassle-free service? Me, too. 

Before our photo appointment, I’ll delve into the data and prepare an extensive seller’s report and pricing recommendation for your review. It’s so important to know your competition. This extensive report is also free – no cost. This will include “sold” information which is not public record. 

All said, the research, report preparation, photography and editing take 10 to 12 hours per home. This is a huge value to you and should definitely lead to the sale of your home on your own. If you get to the point where you would like professional help, at least you have a trusted  contact that can help. 

Fine Print..

In the spirit of fairness, I ask that you observe my copyright and license limitations. No need for fine print because it’s straightforward: of course, you’re  free to use the FSBO photos on FSBO sites or social media with the intent of selling your home yourself, but if you ultimately decide to list with another agent, they may not reuse my photos or other provided materials. 

In plain meaning, another agent, broker or other licensee may not use my photos for any purpose or on any website. This restriction includes limited service MLS-only type listings where you pay a licensee or company to put your listing in the local MLS. 

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