Foreclosure Trouble?

If you have missed a couple mortgage payments or realize that you are under water with your current home, there are a couple ways we can help...

What's Important?

When purchasing a home, we know that there are a number of different factors that may impede you along the way. From searching day in to day out on zillow, to worrying about what to look out for so that you don’t end up with a headache of a home. 

We are here to help you along! In searching for a home we will dive into your specific needs and wants for your dream home, once we have got your criteria narrowed down we will set you up on an automated search and any new listings that come on the market will be instantly sent to you. With our years of experience we have been through countless home inspections and can give you a general idea of what to look out for when we are viewing homes.

Searching for homes isn’t the only thing you need representation for. We will also be there to negotiate the best price possible on the home of your dreams and be sure that if its the home that you want then we want to make your offer look as attractive as possible to the seller. We will also suggest what inspections you should get and negotiate any repairs that are needed. 

We seamlessly cooperate with your mortgage lender and the title company to be sure that everyone is moving to the finish line together to ensure an quick and painless closing on time!

Do you need help?

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