Your Home Didn't Sell?

We specialize in selling homes that didn't sell for whatever reason!

We Understand!

Selling your home can be difficult. You thought that you had found the agent that could get the job done but they came up short. Month after month of being on the market with little to no showings and no offers can be extremely frustrating.

We are here to help!

Our Comprehensive Marketing Program is the answer to your struggles. We outline the process and provide you with a copy of our 50 point marketing plan. 

We are not like other agents, see most agents follow the 3 P’s of listing a home.

One- Put a sign in the yard

Two- Place it on the MLS

Three- PRAY someone brings a buyer to buy your property

We go above and beyond and have added a fourth P to this! We PROACTIVELY PROSPECT FOR BUYER’S FOR YOUR HOME!

That’s right! We look for buyer’s for your home! 

Contact us to learn more about our Comprehensive Marketing Program!

Other Support We Supply


We will call you weekly to update you on any showing feedback and to show you our marketing efforts and insights.

Competition Updates

We will put you on an automated update list to update you anytime new competition with your home hits the market.

Buyer List

We have a list of buyers broken down by zip code. We will send an email to all the buyers in your homes zip code notifying them of your home for sale.

Expired Analysis

Homes don't just come off the market for no reason. We will work with you to find out exactly why your home didn't sell the first time and correct that problem.