Buying a home | Do you need a septic inspection? (video)

I had the opportunity to catch up with Tim from the Shawnee County Health Department recently.

We had a property on the SE side of town that happened to have a septic tank and the buyer requested an inspection.  First step for a septic tank inspection is to have it pumped.  A “honey” truck will show up a day or two before the inspection and pump/vacuum the tank until it is empty.  The Health Department if in Shawnee County will then stop by for their inspection.  Visually they check for cracks and or roots in the tank, then they will run the water in the house for a while and make sure the water is flowing from the house to the tank efficiently.

While a septic tank inspection is not required by the county, it is recommended and a best practice!  Here are a few thought from Tim on why you should have a septic tank inspection when buying a home….

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