A special message for our customers and clients

FINALLY…. It’s 2021!

No one could have predicted the challenges that our world would face in 2020.  Many local businesses had to change the way they conducted business and unfortunately a few even had to ultimately close their doors including some of our favorites. 

Team Ringgold is also a small business and we just wanted to say “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts. Our business is heavily based on our clients’ trust in our customer service, knowledge, and expertise in Topeka area real estate. With over 63% of our business coming directly from our past clients and people we have a personal relationship with, we were very thankful to be able to make it through 2020. 

With your help Team Ringgold was able to assist 92 families in buying, selling or investing in real estate last year. 

We’d love to help even more families in 2021 and we can’t do that without you!  As a “thank you” to our clients and our community we have a couple different ideas to give back in 2021!

Contests & Events   Be sure to follow our facebook page (facebook.com/teamringgold) and your mailbox for a wide assortment of contests and events we will be hosting in 2021. From our “Guess the Price” games to scavenger hunts in Topeka, we plan to  have a wide variety of ways for you to win some great prizes from some of our most beloved local businesses.   We are also planning to connect with our clients with socially safe events supporting local businesses along with building a community of friends and family that are fans and friends of Team Ringgold. 

Donations In 2021 Team Ringgold is going to give back to our community in a way that we have never done before.  We are committed to donating a percentage of our profits back into the community each and every month.  

Please let us know what local charity you think deserves our support!!

Our gratitude goes out to our friends and clients that continue to share our contact info with people in need of great customer service and a hand to hold throughout their real estate journey. 

We hope you have a fantastic 2021 now that 2020 is behind us!

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