3 Reason To Hire An Experienced REALTOR®

I recently had an appointment with a prospective client and this went great.  I left their home with the plan to return in a few days after they had a chance to declutter, touch up some paint and finish up a few small projects.

Then I got the text….  “We want to thank you for your time, but we realized we have a family friend who just got their license so we will be using them to help us sell our home.”

Really? They are ready to put probably their biggest financial investment in the hands of a friend with minimal to zero experience?

Sure in today’s market, if priced right, it’s easy to get buyer’s competing over a home and driving the price up, but is finding a buyer the only thing your REALTOR® does?  Absolutely not!  

Using an experienced agent can help you get an offer quickly, but what about that critical time between the time you receive a contract and your closing date.  So many things can go wrong, and having an agent who has been through the trenches can keep the deal together so you can hit your projected closing date and prevent unexpected expenses before closing.

Here are just a few issues I’ve seen just recently that an inexperienced agent may have not had the patience to manage in a calm manner and work though to help everyone reach their goals;

Basement flooding… the day before closing.  Yes it happened. Seven inches of rain in a few hours will test any basement, sump pump and window well drainage systems. It would have been easy for the buyer to walk away, but we found a solution that made the buyer happy AND we closed on time.

Low appraisal and the seller has nothing left to give. What happens when the appraiser says the house is valued less than the contract price?  In many cases, the seller simply comes down to the appraised price and the buyer saves thousands of dollars at the seller’s expense, but what if the seller doesn’t have any more money to give and is in a situation where they need to move and all they need is to not bring any money to the closing table?  We were recently in this position and found a way to save the seller from coming up with $3000 out of their pocket.

Bad sewer lines, expensive roofs and other inspection issues. An experienced agent will typically foresee possible costly inspection issues and take those into account when negotiating the offer and not days before closing after the inspections costing the seller thousands of dollars at the last minute.

Working with an experienced agent can not only save you a lot of stress, it can save you a lot of money!

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