2020 Sherwood Park Market Review

It’s been another great year for real estate in the Topeka area and specifically in our great neighborhood.

As a Sherwood Park resident and your neighbor, I pay special attention to all of the active listings and especially the sold properties.  Here are just a few quick statistics for our neighborhood in 2020.

# of homes sold:   27   
2019  –  29 for a 6.8% decrease.  This does include the two that are currently under contract that are scheduled to close before the end of 2020

Average Sales Price:   $278,858   
2019  –  $262,728 for a 5.7% increase

Average Days on the Market:   11   
2019  –  18 for a 38.8% decrease

Average List to Sales Price:   99.1%   
2019  –  98.2% for a 1% increase

Of course the prices of each home will vary on recent updates, overall finished square footage, number of garages, and a few other variables.

One last interesting number…  19 out of the 27 homes sold in 2020 sold in 7 days or less!

If you’d like to see a list of all the homes (in our local MLS) which sold in 2020 in Sherwood Park including photos, sold prices and the details on each home, just click the link….  See the detailed list here!

If you are considering a move in 2021, I’d love the opportunity to learn more about your plans and show you how much equity you have in your home, educate you on the current market, and answer any questions you may have about the buying and selling process.  

If you’d just simply like a professional valuation on your home to find out how much the value of your home may have increased over the past few years, simply give me a call or click here.  Of course I offer this as a free service and there is never any obligation!

I look forward to meeting you in the near future!

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