2019 King of Wings | Finding Topeka’s Best Hot Wings


We decided the best way to tackle this challenge would be to taste test and rate the wings at different establishments around Topeka.  Over the next several months we will update this post with our review of the wings and our ratings based on presentation, flavor, tenderness, and HEAT!  Now just for full disclosure, our temperature gauges run a bit hot, so our rating of a 2 or 3 may be super hot for your palette.

It’s summer 2019 and each week we will be adding another great local wing joint to this post that will continue to grow, so bookmark this page so you can follow our journey as we search for the best wings in Topeka!

The Pennant

The Pennant has been a staple of the downtown renovation and we could not wait to get a taste of their wings.  It just so happened that the week that we went there they were doing a Harry Potter themed pop-up bar.  They had whimsical decor and even sounds of wizardry in the background.

We couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to try a limited time menu item….  “Butter Beer”.  It certainly was an experience.

The Pennant only serves bone-in wings and that was perfectly fine for us!  They offer four sauce options including, BBQ, buffalo, thai peanut butter, and pineapple habanero. You can also choose to just order their wings naked. We went with the buffalo and the pineapple habanero.

The wings were fairly crispy on the outside and the buffalo sauce was unique in flavor.  The heat from the buffalo sauce was moderate and the pineapple habanero gave our taste buds a pretty good kick. These wings were nice and tender and were far from dry, they were pretty juicy. If you are a fan of heat we would highly recommend the pineapple habanero, the flavor combination may sound strange but it was a perfect pairing of flavors.

45th Street

45th Street was recommended to us by many of our friends and followers, so we took a trip over there and gave their wings a try. If you haven’t been to 45th Street, you should give it a try. Nice space with a nice bar feel and plenty of TV’s for the sports fans out there!

These wings were pretty good. They offer five flavors on the menu and the waitress gave us two additional options that were not on the menu. We ordered the “feverish” flavor and dove in. Feverish seemed to be the medium level of wings as the menu offered 96.9, feverish, and night sweats as their buffalo type flavors. They also had an Asian zing and BBQ.

We were impressed with the light breading on the wings and the sauce was homemade (not right out of a bottle) and super thick. To our surprise, the feverish wings were quite hot! Good flavor, but still hot! We were glad we didn’t take on the night sweats flavor!


Stopped by AJ’s Pizzeria to checkout their wings today.  It’s been a while since we’ve been in AJ’s and forgot just how cool it is inside… leftover design and woodwork from the old Irish pub the space originally was.

These wings were good!  I wish we had ordered more and will definitely be back to get some in the future.  The wings came stacked on a metal platter, typically used to deliver a pizza.  We ordered both Buffalo and oven-roasted (sauceless).  The Buffalo wings had just the right amount of sauce, not drowning like others we’ve had, but perfect for the wing

AJ’s offers their wings bone-in or boneless, oven-roasted, Italian, BBQ or buffalo flavored.  Not lots of options, but we were there for the buffalo wings and they proved to be good.  Just the right amount of heat to get the buffalo flavor, but not much spiciness at all!  These wings were naked and fried for a great almost crispy, but not too crispy skin.  Go give them a try!



In our search for Topeka’s King of Wings, friends have been pretty adamant that we had to stop by Skinny’s to try their wings.

With the slim choice on flavor of wings, we decided to try both the Hot and with a little hesitation…the Volcanic Wings! Overall the Hot wings had good flavor and were pretty tender.

So hot hot were the Volcanic wings?  Watch and see…

As you can see in the video as we try the Volcanic wings, they definitely had a little heat and I swear I tasted a little chipotle flavor.  The good news, they had flavor with some good heat, and were not just volcanic hot to be hot.

Skinny’s offers three flavors Mild, Hot, and Volcanic, plus offer bone-in and boneless.

Jeremiah Bullfrogs

Already a Topeka favorite, and one of ours, Bullfrogs had to be the next stop on our King of Wings tour.

Bullfrogs did not have a traditional buffalo sauce, so we dove into the popular Tiger Sauce and decided to step it up a notch in the heat to the Kamikaze sauce.  On the presentation, these wings came on a plate rather than in a to-go box like many of the other places.  We noted that these wings are going to be hard to beat as they were tender, full of flavor and the Kamikaze had a great heat in their spicy sauce.

With eleven different flavors of sauces and being able to get these wings “tiger” style (breaded), naked, or boneless, there were plenty of options to choose from!

Henry T’s

It was a rainy Friday afternoon so we didn’t get to sit on the patio and it was pretty noise in the bar so you may notice our video is a little different format.

This week we went with our standard Buffalo wings and they did not disappoint.  Guessing it was a popular bottled sauce with a slight modification to tone it down a smidge.  The wings were saucy and had good flavor without too much of a tangy zing or heat.  We felt the meat was juicy and tender, but the outside was a little tough.

Henry T’s had 10 flavors including some interesting options including Smoke’n Strawberry and Toasted Habanero.  These wings were naked and definitely cooked in the fryer as they were crispy and juicy.

Abigail’s Grill and Bar

We lucked out with a day below 90 degrees and got to sit on the patio at Abigail’s to try their wings.  If you haven’t been to this local dive bar, check it out.  Their food just might surprise you!

We chose Buffalo and Mango Habanero breaded wings today, and although we just ordered six of each (plus some fries), it was plenty of food as these wings were big and meaty!  The buffalo sauce seemed like it maybe a slightly modified bottled sauce we are familiar with, but it was good.  These wings were dripping with sauce and the breading and meat was very tender and not chewy at all.

Although we aren’t judging the Mango Habenaro, we have to give a thumbs up to the sweet spicy goodness of this sauce!

Abigail’s had about 10 flavors including a pineapple teriyaki, which we may have to try next time, and you can get your wings naked, breaded or boneless.

College Hill Pizza Pub

It was a gorgeous day outside when we walked out for lunch this week, mid-80’s and just a hint of a breeze… beautiful.  So we decided to head towards the College Hill Pizza Pub and try some wings on the patio.  We got a dozen each and sat down and dug in!

We decided to go with both the Hot Buffalo and the Asian Chili to mix it up a bit.  These wings were saucy and full of flavor.  We were guessing the buffalo sauce was homemade as it wasn’t the typical store bought buffalo sauce from a bottle you might expect.  We could see the herbs and spices in the sauces and the wings were fresh and steaming when they hit the table.  The “hot” wasn’t “oh my gosh my mouth is on fire” hot, but just enough heat that created a great taste and experience.  They did offer a “XXX Hot Hot Hot XXX” that we did not try which we assume would have burned our taste buds for days… maybe another time. 🙂

The College Hill Pizza Pub offers 9 flavors including three BBQ flavors, four Buffalo, Ranch and Sweet Asian Chili.  You can get a small order of 6 or all the way up to an order of 500 wings!  If you’re ordering 500 wings, invite us to your party!

The College Hill Pizza Pub received a pretty good rating…

Topeka Pizza

When we walked in, we noted the sign that said “Topeka’s best wings”…  We will be the judge of that!  Topeka Pizza is pretty mucha take it to go place as they only have seating for about 5-6 people in the whole place.

These weren’t much to look at in the styrofoam container lined with foil and the bone-in wings sure didn’t look very saucy as all of the liquidy sauce was sitting in the bottom of the container rather than glazed over the wings.  After the first bite, I knew these were going to be great wings.  I slathered them in sauce and dove in.  I noted how tender and not chewy these wings really were.  They were unbreaded and although we got the Hot Buffalo Sauce, they were not very hot for our taste buds!

They did offer bone-in and boneless wings and a selection of 4 sauces, Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, BBQ and Plain.  You can buy them as 10 or 20 pack, or a bucket of 50.

Here is our take on the wings at Topeka Pizza



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